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SafeTug in Action
See how SafeTug helps to simplify this complex process, giving tug skippers, ship pilots and port personnel the vital information and situational awareness they need
360° Vessel Video
See all the action from the pilot’s perspective aboard the Agathonissos tanker in 360°
360° Tugboat Video
See all the action from the tug skipper's perspective aboard Ormsby Cross

Software / Features

Pro Navigation
General navigation data and features - planning, route, arrival times, recordings, charts handling, predictions and history, support of external navigational data source (PPU), distance lines, safety contours, no go areas, CPA and TCPA and simulation tool of port maneuvers. For example, passage planning or training purposes
Docking & Alignment
Enhanced features such as shoulder distance to fender lines, docking display, transverse speed, berthing angle
A revolutionary software solution that enhances collaboration between tug skippers, the bridge team, pilot and port – enabling safer, more efficient operations
Live weather data
Weather data
Live Weather data can be viewed on SafePilot – including tide, current, wave, wind, visibility
A shoreside planning and overview system giving real time remote monitoring of PPU’s and local traffic – distribution of charts, routes, fender lines and annotations. Re-player allows review of pilotage routes and actual historical pilotages for training and development
Anti-jamming / Spoofing
SafePilot has been fitted with a class leading anti-jamming/spoofing system that immediately alerts the user should there be any concern on external data quality or compromise
CarePack 247
Provides user with peace of mind hardware and software support 24/7/365 with a dedicated European support team including annual service of units


360° visibility and improved situational awareness
Real-time data exchange with no AIS lag for more accurate decision-making
Safer, efficient vessel maneuvers and reduced incidents
Better communication enhances port efficiency
Increased uptime and throughput of port facilities
iPad compatibility - portable and intuitive touchscreen interface
Intelligent filtering, prediction and past tracks
Integrates with SafePilot software

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SafePilot P3


iPad with SafeCaptain

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