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CAT I Beidou


The SafePilot CAT I Beidou is a stand-alone high accuracy GPS receiver with the capability of GPS/Beidou and available SBAS systems such as EGNOS, WAAS, MSAS, and GAGAN.  

CAT I Beidou is an add-on option to a CAT ROT for operations that demand more accurate positioning than the ship’s own positioning. CAT I Beidou enables the users to freely switch GNSS types between the US GPS and the Chinese Beidou.

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GNSS sensor


Intelligent filtering


Capability to switch between two GNSS types (US GPS and Chinese Beidou)


1 cm/sec (RMS) speed accuracy


<0.7 m (RMS) position accuracy w. SBAS


Reduced weight (410g)


Pocket size (138x100x25 mm)


Low power consumption


USB charge


Extended battery capacity 16 hours


WIFI connection to pilot tablet / notebook


Integration to separate AIS and Rate sensor (CAT ROT)


Options and Accessories

Several accessories for the SafePilot PPU's are available.

PPU charger set
Magnet set


For use in pilotage operations requiring independency from ship’s positioning sensor and in areas with BeiDou coverage

⮚ Harbor docking
⮚ Lock operations
⮚ River pilotage
⮚ Transit pilotage

Applications and Markets


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