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AutoMoor is a rope-free, automated mooring system designed and manufactured by Trelleborg Marine Systems. Created for efficiency and safety, AutoMoor uses the latest vacuum technology to rapidly attach to and secure a vessel at berth and is suitable for a range of environmental and berthing conditions. 

It uses SmartPort technology to continuously monitor all mooring loads acting on the vessel at berth and provides live data to the operator to optimize day-to-day port and terminal operations. 

Two different models are available in the AutoMoor T-series: the T20 Single Pad Unit and the T40 Double Pad Unit. Both are designed to secure vessels quickly and efficiently, with the T40 Unit used to moor larger vessels. AutoMoor models are available in a hazardous and non-hazardous specification.

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Rope-free vacuum mooring system


Faster berthing operations


Passive damping technology


Low power consumption


Hazardous area operation capability

Self-contained mooring unit

Designed for low maintenance

Rotating base for onshore servicing

Real-time load monitoring

SmartPort system integration



⮚ Ferry Ro-Ro terminals
⮚ Cruise terminals
⮚ Bulk liquid facilities
⮚ Container terminals
⮚ Dry bulk terminals

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