Trelleborg Coated Systems

Unique polymer solutions for coated fabrics

Trelleborg Coated Systems is a leading global supplier of unique customer solutions for polymercoated fabrics deployed in several industrial applications.

Market segments

Trelleborg Coated Systems comprises four market segments:

General industry: Printing and coating plate solutions for all types of offset printing, as well as flexo and digital printing. Carrier sleeve product line for packaging flexo printing. Coated fabrics and calendared materials for multiple industrial applications including belts, gaskets, seals and hoses, as well as healthcare & medical accessories, such as wound retractors, blood pressure cuffs and mattresses.

Transportation equipment: Coated fabrics for train bellows, among other applications.

Aerospace: Coated fabrics used in, for example, aircraft evacuation slides, aerostats, life rafts, helicopter safety floats and thermal protections for space rockets.

Light vehicles: Calendared materials for brake shims and belts, for example.

"Our position as a premium supplier of engineered polyurethane-coated fabrics was strengthened in healthcare & medical with the acquisitions of Dartex and Lamcotec and we are now building increasingly strong offerings in several of our selected niches."

"Our printing blanket solutions are at the technological cutting edge with several product innovations released during the year, and we are investing broadly in marketing and sales to increase our local presence.” 

Dario Porta
Business Area President

Examples of brands/product names: Axcyl®, Dartex®, Printec, Rollin®, Sava and Vulcan®.

Production units: Brazil, China, France, Italy, Slovenia, Sweden, the U.K. and the U.S.

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Trelleborg Coated Systems

Head Office
Trelleborg Coated Systems
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