Skol to a Sustainable Beer

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When you’re enjoying a glass of beer, do you ever consider how the beverage is made and whether the process is environmentally friendly?  For Kim Dalum, brewing is a passion, and his startup company focuses on reducing the carbon emissions in craft breweries. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions contributed to make his dream of sustainable craft brewing a reality. – By Meghan Cloud Braunger



  1. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions collaborated with Dalum Beverage Equipment in the development of a CO2 compressor.

  2. The compressor is one part of a CO2 recovery plant, enabling craft breweries to recycle CO2 emitted during fermentation.

  3. Turcon® MF6 is the optimum material in the compressor's challenging operating environment


Kim Dalum
Dalum Beverage Equipment
Innovation in an exciting segment
Sustainability & Beer Brewing

Carbon Footprint in Real Terms

Building an innovation from the ground up

An Invaluable Partnership
An Invaluable Partnership
Sealing the CO₂ Compressor
CO2 Compressor

CO₂ Compressor

Trelleborg product solution

Trelleborg product solution

“Trelleborg is a sealing supplier that stands out in the market because they understand how to work together with me as a customer, on complex engineering problems and make special seals that solve the particular challenges of my equipment.”  – Kim Dalum

The CO₂ Recovery Plant – Up and Running

How the CO₂ Recovery Plant works 

First, CO₂ is captured
 from the fermenting tanks and flows into the capture plant where it is washed with water and purified using carbon filters.
Third, the CO₂ is compressed
in three stages at high pressure, saving energy and enabling compression at a higher temperature.
Second, to prevent contamination
 or flavor carryover from particles remaining in the gas, the CO₂ is further purified and dried to food quality standards.
Finally, using the brewery's
existing cooling system, the CO₂ is condensed at a low temperature and then pumped into storage tanks.

What’s Next?

Game Changer
Denmark’s First Brewery with CO₂ Neutral Brewing