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Oil & Gas

Trelleborg has been present in the Oil & Gas industry for many years and offers a wide range of products, meeting most applications and needs. Our oil and gas hoses and assemblies are compliant with European and international standards.
Trelleborg's dedicated workshops are able to provide the right service  to support you in your assets management. A large range of accessories is also available.
The Oil and Gas sector is probably one of the most demanding environments you can imaging. Weather conditions are often harsh, conditions are tough and the equipment is definitely put to a test every day. Environmental aspects are closely looked into, as a minor mistake could have fatal effects for all of us.

A full range of products by industry


  • Extremely flexible and robust, especially in the cold
  • Vacuum of 90%
  • Fish fat resistant
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  • For all types of liquid foods
  • High resistance to most severe CIP
  • Cover with excellent UV and ozone resistance and good abrasion resistance
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  • Good resistance to abrasion and sharp objects outside
  • Excellent flex durability
  • Very good hydrolysis resistance
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