Hose Design

Hose Design

Trelleborg Oil & Marine is your partner in delivering high-performing, innovative and qualified solutions to enhance overall efficiency of your assets.
We develop and manufacture the widest range of flexible bonded hose solutions for terminal and offshore oil and gas transfer applications. We offer hoses with both nipple and nippleless technologies, including single, double and dual carcass designs. Our products are applicable for use in submarine, floating or other specific configurations, and are suitable for use in even the harshest of environments.
We create solutions that are tailored to your unique requirements, using expert polymer engineering to seamlessly take your projects from concept, to manufacturing, testing, and installation.

Nipple Hose Design

This technology consists in nipple flangelinked to a hose structure. It is manufactured by using binding steel wires fixed on the nipple flange to block the hose body structure.
The body structure is made with a fluid resistant inner liner, textile layers carcasses and a steel helix reinforcement .
The design ensures a reliable and high resistant solution by a perfect link and adhesion between the body structure and the nipple flange.
The DOUBLE carcass consists to an additional carcass above the first carcass (called SINGLE carcass) and a leak detection system (LDS). This design prevents pollution detecting and signalling the failure of the first carcass.

Nippleless Hose Design

This technology consists in compact flange fully embedded in rubber, achieve by a continuous inner liner and integrated gasket. The design ensures a perfect sealing solution between conveyed product and hose structure.
Our technology is called DUAL carcass because the hose structure is made with two independent carcasses of steel cable layers, which achieve two independent functions:
• Main carcass for resistance to the internal pressure
• Reinforcement carcass for the resistance to loads / stresses and to protect of the main carcass from the external environment.
Hose structure can be reinforced with individual steel rings to increase the resistance and the performance.
A reinforced flange with an integrated bending stiffener (IBS) and connection spool piece can be added to protect against excessive loads or bending in harsh environmental and operational conditions (used for metallic connections like CALM Buoy or PLEM).

Tube Vs Fluids

The material selection for the inner liner of a hose is crucial. The typical function of a liner is to be compatible with the conveyed fluid, ensure the lowest possible permeation rate, exhibiting best mechanical properties and compatibility with operating temperature ! 
Crude oil, LPG, pure sulfuric acid, ammonia, seawater, each application is specific and requires a particular inner liner. 
Finally, rubbers compound are not equal, when a compound is selected TRELLEBORG deploys in house expertise in rubber formulation to provide the best suitable compromise ensuring highest levels of quality.

Outer Cover

The outer cover of our hoses is made with synthetic rubber.
This rubber is specially formulated to be un-sensitive and highly resistant to UV rays from the sunlight, high temperatures like exposure to the flair radiation, seawater and the aggresions like abrasions during the operations.
The rubber is made in our factory, his quality and performance insure a perfect protection of the hoses during the many years of service. Protection againt abrasion can be increased with an additional PolyUrethane (PU) layer.

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