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The CRYOLINE LPG hose is a dedicated and reliable solution for offshore LPG transfer. Based on dual carcass technology with a specific inner liner of ultra-low permeation compared to usual solution, CRYOLINE LPG can be used in both floating or submarine configurations.
This solution has already been successfully commissioned on several offshore LPG transfer terminals, operating in harsh environments.

Application & Configuration

CRYOLINE LPG is a premium solution for terminals and floating units. This flexible bonded hose is specifically designed for the offshore transfer of butane, propane, propylene or any mixture of these three gases in liquid phase from -50°C to +70°C. CRYOLINE LPG has been successfully commissioned for use at several terminals for almost 20 years, with a proven track record in demanding environments.
CRYOLINE LPG’s unique construction ensures product will not be lost by permeation through the hose wall. It includes an ultra-low permeation inner liner that avoids entrapped gas in the hose structure, avoid internal delamination, enables the removal of the bleeding device, delivering significant long-term benefits. This unique design does however mean that it cannot comply to usual standards for this application (BS-EN1762).

Product Overview

Available diameters

 6’’, 8’’, 10’’ & 12’’ all GMPHOM 2009 certified. 16’’, 18’’, 20’’, 24’’ on request 

Working pressure

 15, 19 & 21 bar (GMPHOM range of applicability). Up to 50 bar on request. 

Burst pressure

 Safety factor of 5 on all proposed pressure ratings. 

Hose section length

 From 5 to 12.2m. 

Electrical continuity

Continuous or discontinuous as per client or applicable requirement.


Still with TRELLEBORG exclusive features:

•Continuous inner liner
• Integrated gaskets
• Compact flange
• Integrated bending stiffener
• Individual steel rings
• Very high tensile strength
• Highest flexibility
• Lowest weight


CRYOLINE LPG is certified according to GMPHOM 2009 with additional test dedicated to transfer of liquid gas at low temperature.


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