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Couplings and accessories

Trelleborg fittings is the right partner for you for all fluid transfer requirements thanks to its great experience in all industries and international performance. We supply high-quality couplings for all types of industries.
Accordingly, we offer you a wide range of couplings in a large range of sizes and versions. 

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Coupling Technical Center

Our coupling technical center does more than make assemblies – they also invent new solutions. Take for example our patented, rubber-coated nut. Designed to fit the most popular food processing connections (SMS, DIN, etc.), our special nut is easier to tighten by hand and requires no special spanner. The longer-lasting nut offers an internal seal and thermal protection, protection of both the nut and the floors against shocks, and won’t hurt your hand the way a conventional nut can. 
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Rubber-coated nut

TRELLEBORG’s rubber-coated nut is:
- Safe: Eliminates the risk of handling burns.
- Useful:  No need to use a spanner to tighten the coupling.
- Unique:  Another exclusive, patented product from TRELLEBORG. 

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Thanks to a local presence in most countries, Trelleborg Fluid Handling Solutions specialists can provide the solution you need - no matter where you are.

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