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Extended product life

We know you need high quality solutions, with easy installation and – more importantly – a long and hassle free service life, so you can keep operations running with minimal disruption. 

Our product portfolio is built to extend time between overhauls and with components that are easy to fit and install, you have a shorter shutdown period from the outset.

Simple solutions

Our high quality solutions are built to be simple to install and understand. Simpler solutions make things easier, cheaper and safer which we know is important to you, as it takes away the pressure to upskill operators. 

Despite their simplicity, our solutions have quality built in, so you can feel reassured that you have reduced any risk of extended downtime, have confidence in your process performance, and deliver on time to your customers. 

A collaborative approach

We take a collaborative approach to working with our clients, to ensure the best solution for every project and facility. As part of the Trelleborg Group, a global polymer specialist, we can deliver a vast history of polymer knowledge and application expertize and distil it into trusted, tailored information to help you make informed decisions about your processes and machinery. 

We support our offer with on-site services to help you when you need us.  We know you need to keep running, so we promise easy to install components that reduce complications and make your solution as straightforward as possible, to maximize uptime and revenue. 



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