Silicone sheeting - A clear favorite

A Clear Favorite Red, white, and now transparent silicone sheeting for food and industry...
Whether your need is industrial, food, or beverage-related, Trelleborg’s Silicone Sheeting can save you time and money because it’s:
Talcum-less. Talcum leaves a residue behind after vulcanization, reducing transparency permanently, even after it’s cleaned.  Talcum-free sheet production means you can see clearly and don’t need to clean the product before use.
Time saving. Adhesives can be applied to the sheeting without heavy cleaning process, reducing drastically time process. Making a coupling is simple now: just unroll the silicone roll, cut the piece, and pull off the plastic foil. Apply a double-sided adhesive tape and you are done. 
Transparent. You can see clearly now with our Silicone Sheeting. In addition to red, blue and white varieties, we also offer transparent sheeting. Crystal-clear sheets allow you to monitor critical processes in a way that translucent sheets never did.
Our sheeting meets the demanding European food materials regulations (EC 1935/2004) without compromising the tensile strength, elongation, and tear-resistance needed for industrial use.

Due to its wide working temperature range and slow aging, this sheeting is good not only for food and drink but seals and gaskets in central heating, ventilation, and air conditioning pipes. It’s also an electrical insulator, suitable for equipment manufacturing as well as telecommunication and electrical enclosures.

All in all, Trelleborg’s Silicone Sheeting is a clear choice for couplings or screens required on to cover gaskets on industrial food equipment, autoclaves for the pharmaceutical industry, and even architectural lighting gaskets for lamps.

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