Think Safety First

Think Safety First!

Make your construction sites safer with Trelleborg solutions: safety and greater comfort for the staff.

A large range of hoses for concrete pumping:

For more safety
PULSOR 170 L-WHIP hose assemblies prevents whipping effects during concrete pumping operations

15 to 25% lighter
PULSOR 170 LIGHT is 15 to 25% lighter than standard hose. Its textile reinforcements avoid risk of injury 

Tunnel Boring Machine and foundations - MUD EXTRACTOR 16/48

A wide range of accessories designed to facilitate your handling operations:

Hose support:
- Improve handling operations
- Keep and protect the hose structure

Handle Tech:
- Ergonomically engineered
- Reduces exposure and the risk of hand injuries
- Limit the risk of MSD (Musculo Skeletal Disorders)

To improve your working conditions on constructions sites:

- Secure flexible connections by retaining both parts in case of accidental breakage
- In case of ejection, prevents hose whip

Wire cable stocking
- Secure hose sleeve
- In case of a vertical connection, it helps to decrease the coupling’s tensile force 
- In case of ejection, prevents hose whip

The dedicated Think Safety brochure is available in PDF version

Think Safety!

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