By re-routing deliveries, Trelleborg Fluid Handling Solutions cuts CO2 transportation emissions by 40%

Reducing carbon emissions will require tremendous sacrifices – sometimes. Other times, Trelleborg supply chain experts are finding that it’s simply a matter of doing things a little differently.

Before September, most Trelleborg orders bound from its Clermont-Ferrand factory to Germany and Benelux traveled by lorry.

But when Trelleborg transport flow pilot Mickaël Lecarpentier and buyer Stéphane Dumont began to analyze the difference delivery choices could make to Trelleborg’s carbon footprint, they realized that trucking Trelleborg’s hoses and fluid handling systems only as far as Lyon or Macon and then sending them by train to Calais, Bettembourg, or Hamburg could cut the CO2 emissions of those deliveries by 40%.

“Working out a multi-modal solution with our transportation partner PO Scandex cut the amount of carbon generated, improved delivery times, and saved money,” said Juliane Millot, Planning Manager. Multi-modal delivery is just one step in Trelleborg’s “50 by 25” campaign to cut its CO2 emissions by 2025.

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