DYK how is a bending radius measured on a rubber hose ?

Over-bending is never a good idea.

In the case of the hose, overbending can even shorten its lifespan. The standard for measurement of flexibility and stiffness of rubber and plastics hoses and tubing at ambient temperature is ISO 10619-1.

To conduct the test with method B, which can be performed with or without pressure or a vacuum, the hose is first put in a circular support, then bent until its external diameter is reduced by 20%.


But there is no consensus on how much further a hose with a helix can be bent, as it will kink rather than collapse.In the latter case, we will consider the capacities of each layer and material as well as the external and internal aspect under bending to determine its minimum curve.In all cases, the bending radius is given as an indication of the limit of bending each hose can take.

But if the hose will need to stay bent at all times, we recommend that you avoid going to such extremes.

That’s why we never coil our hoses to the value shown on our data-sheets.

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