Trelleborg Coated Material in Unique shock absorbing insoles

Enertor works closely with Trelleborg to develop shock absorbing insoles that start with Trelleborg’s highly engineered coated materials.

“If you’re not on your feet, you’re on your back.”


There’s some truth in that well-known anecdote: “If you’re not on your feet, you’re on your back.” We’ve all had days when we dream of our beds after a long day on our feet.


While traditionally, you may think of Trelleborg if you’re lying on your back – specifically on a top-quality Dartex® PU pressure-redistributing mattress cover – Trelleborg’s Engineered Coated Fabrics division was delighted to work on a project that kept both feet firmly – and comfortably – on the ground.


Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics is an industry leader in medical coated fabrics, producing the highest quality fabrics in the medical and healthcare industries, including industry-leading Dartex® polyurethane coatings. All our fabrics are expertly engineered to be used for optimal patient outcomes.




Feet are a complex combination of joints, bones, and tendons. They are the literal foundation of the entire body and are pivotal to balance, posture, and mobility. Injuries can strike at any time, whether on your feet all day at work, training for a marathon, or simply walking the dog.


Feet are also the foundation of UK-based Enertor. For over 20 years, they have designed and manufactured custom insoles for professional athletes and military personnel. They realized that their technology could be brought to the mass market to help people in their everyday lives, and through their passion for assisting people to stay free of pain and injury, Enertor was born.




Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics was approached by Enertor following coating issues with their previous supplier in Taiwan that were causing production delays. They needed a new reliable supplier in the UK, and Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics was appointed to supply Enertor from its Nottingham facility.


Enertor’s unique design is very different from other insoles on the market. The insole has a contoured foam base to help support the runner/walker in their activities, with a drop point on the big toe to enhance functionality. A small dome on the forefoot spreads the load in this area for additional comfort for the user.


A significant benefit of the insole is that due to its slimline design, it can be used with any shoe type as it takes up minimal space within the footwear.


Over 20,000 customers, mainly walkers, and runners, testify to its comfort levels. A wide range of sizes, from UK3 (EU36) to UK14 (EU48), makes it a very accessible choice for users.


Not only does it feel good, but it looks good too! Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics coats the printed fabric with a custom Dartex® polyurethane coating for additional breathability and durability. The PU coating can be cleaned with a damp cloth to maintain freshness.




Even if not experiencing pain or injury, everyone can benefit from a shock-absorbing insole as a prevention to continue to keep fit and healthy.

Bente Smith-Rewse, Founder of Enertor, said: “When our former supplier in Taiwan let us down, we decided to look for a new, trustworthy supplier in the UK, where the testing of each batch of rolls would be documented and shared with us. Finding a business that could do this and was ready to meet extremely high standards for printing and coating was difficult. The Trelleborg team has been exceptional from the start, thanks to their expertise and perseverance in quickly completing a very challenging task.

The cooperation is substantial because of their professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond to complete this challenging assignment. Jake Shaw and Ilias Alexandrakis are the two individuals we frequently collaborate with, and we sincerely appreciate their extraordinary dedication.”

Ilias Alexandrakis, Senior Development Project Manager at Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics, said, “This was an exciting project to work on, as it is a product we all can benefit from daily. The medical benefits are familiar to us through our traditional work in the support surface sector. Applying that technology to a smaller application surface – an insole – was very rewarding as the immediate benefits to the end-user will be instantly impactful.”

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