Victoria Hellstrom Mader

Victoria Hellström Mader, Vice President Manufacturing Excellence, Trelleborg Group, Sweden

I have worked for Trelleborg since 2005. It started from Environmental issues and Corporate Responsibility, and was followed by a few years as production manager at a manufacturing site. 

Nowadays, my job is to run our Manufacturing Excellence program, a group-wide initiative aiming at improving our production processes. 

Manufacturing Excellence means to continuously raise the bar for ourselves to perform better in terms of safety, quality, delivery performance and efficiency. This creates value for both our customers and ourselves as a company. It also helps us to become more efficient in the use of raw materials and energy. To be successful, we must engage employees on all levels to share their ideas.

Manufacturing Excellence is about rethinking the way things are done and approach problems with “open eyes” to find new and innovative solutions. It can be to improve a production process so that we get less waste, how to design a new tool that simplifies work or how to reorganize a workflow to avoid unnecessary transports. 

The best thing about my job is to work together with colleagues all around the world. We all share a strong commitment and we always try to see new opportunities to make Trelleborg a better company.