Trelleborg recognized as HR Role Model of the Year

Trelleborg has recently been awarded HR Role Model of the Year by Universum, recognizing our dedication to employee engagement and commitment to employee well-being. Members from our Group HR team ventured to Stockholm, Sweden to attend the award ceremony, hosted by Universum.

The award motivation highlights Trelleborg’s understanding of the importance of providing solid development and career opportunities for employees, the comprehensive onboarding programs and training and education through the internal Trelleborg Group University, as well as the Graduate Program, which offers young employees a gateway to long-term development within the company and provides valuable personal development and networking opportunities for younger talents.


“No matter where you are in the world there are opportunities for employees,” says Patrik Romberg. “The development and training are global and our employees meet people from other parts of the organization, which, in addition to the education itself, is a culture-builder,” he adds.


We have several additional initiatives that showcase the diversity of our workforce, their talents, and their accomplishments. For instance, our external Women Influencers initiative highlights the contributions of women in influential positions. Internally, we have our Industry Shaper initiative, where colleagues nominate their peers who have gone the extra mile to shape the industry from within. Moreover, our employees worldwide actively engage as ambassadors.


“Receiving this year’s Universum HR Role Model award is an honor, of course! The award is a joint effort, so we want to say a big thank you to everyone in our organization who has a part in this,” says Patrik Romberg, SVP Group Communications and Group HR.


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