Shayari Chowta

Team Lead, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Bangalore, India
What do you do in your role on an average day at work? 
My role is Team Lead in Project Management office, Information Systems and Processes, Trelleborg India, Bengaluru. I’m a Clarity and JIRA administrator. My team supports the internal project manager user community in Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and ensures the maintenance of these systems. Most of my day involves supporting our tools and building custom solutions for our user community. I feel like I have a great balance between collaborating and working independently.

What do you like the most about working at Trelleborg? 
I enjoy what I do and knowing that we have “Customer focus” as one of our core values makes me proud. What I love about Trelleborg, is it’s drive in understanding and creating value to our customers, by leveraging the idea of local presence and global reach. That shared purpose motivates me.

Give an example of a great memory, or moment, you have had at Trelleborg? 
I have great memories of our annual team meetings and the Trelleborg International Management Program workshop. These sessions are a good example of teamwork and engagement. As we are a globally dispersed team, when we come together like this - it re-affirms the Trelleborg culture of learning, collaboration, and trustworthiness.