Rudy Veeraragoo

Portrait of Trelleborg talent Rudy
Production Intelligence Engineer at Trelleborg Industrial Solutions
What do you do in your role on an average day at work?
As Production Intelligence Engineer for the Trelleborg Industrial Solutions business area, my role entails engaging digital manufacturing transformation across our engineered coated fabrics, marine & infrastructure, boots, antivibration solutions, seals & profiles businesses. 

My responsibility is to accompany production sites and operations leveraging digital and manufacturing excellence, starting from site analysis & inventories, proposal of adequate standard solutions to meet the business requirements, CAPEX initiation, short and long term deployment and strategies, bridging the communication with production sites champions and Group IT/IoT teams as well as project management.

What do you like most about working at Trelleborg? 
Having joined the Trelleborg boots business in 2019, I was given the opportunity to handle strategic projects for digitalization & automation. While managing projects across eight production sites, I had the chance to discover different working and cultural dimensions. 

What I appreciate about Trelleborg, is its drive within core values and creating a great focus in our organization in developing people and growing talents. Thanks to this focus, I was given the opportunity to join the Product Intelligence team at Trelleborg Industrial Solutions. Trelleborg as a company gives me the freedom to be creative, innovative, competitive, and really shape the industry from the inside.

Give an example of a great memory, or moment, you have had at Trelleborg?
Enrolled for the Trelleborg Graduate Program XI, it was exciting to meet many talented individuals from different operations around the world. The aspect of connecting and working with each other, while having different backgrounds, discovering different personalities as well as being pushed outside of your comfort zone, is a wonderful learning experience.