Philipp Gerstenberg

Purchasing Excellence Manager, Group Purchasing, Trelleborg AB
What do you do in your role on an average day at work?
Within my current role as Purchasing Excellence Manager at Group Purchasing, it is my responsibility to continually develop our Purchasing Excellence program (one of our five Trelleborg Excellence Programs). 

This ensures that Group Purchasing offer advanced tools and templates for purchasing teams across all Business Areas to have the opportunity to excel in their roles and achieve better results within their sourcing.

My focus currently is rolling out a common sourcing software that will digitalize the way Trelleborg procures material; it has already proven to be very time efficient, while ensuring effective results.

What do you like the most about working at Trelleborg? 
Having joined Trelleborg in 2017 after graduating from University, I have worked in three different roles across two continents and interacted with teams from around the world. 
Each of the interactions I have different with cultures have taught me valuable skills that I will be using throughout my career.

While I believe that many companies give young people, such as myself, opportunities, and exposure I believe that Trelleborg sets itself apart by proactively listening to our experiences and learnings.

Trelleborg as a company gives me the freedom to propose and implement new ideas, even at an early stage in your career.

Give an example of a great memory, or moment, you have had at Trelleborg?
This was made most visible to me after Trelleborg sponsored my visit to the One Young World Summit in 2018. This annual summit is a gathering of young people who debate and action the challenges our planet faces today.

After the summit, I presented my thoughts on how Trelleborg can make a positive impact on our planet. My idea was to remove all single-use plastic bottles from Trelleborg facilities worldwide. A few months later, this project had been signed off by senior management and the “Message in a Bottle” campaign was launched. We estimate that Trelleborg has been able to eliminate 500,000 plastic bottles per year through this project.

It makes me proud to work for a company that listens and implements ideas, however small, to create a positive impact on our planet.