LaTonya Andrews

Logistic Supervisor for Trelleborg Boots

What do you do in your role on an average day at work?
My role is Logistic Supervisor for Trelleborg Boots in the United States of North Carolina. I am also a Certified Internal Auditor with both Certifications for IATF-16949 and ISO 14001-2015. My daily work has many avenues including collecting incoming schedules, constant communication with customers, and supervising our external warehouse. My dedication and drive for the success of my company has always been very important to me as my organization has supported the success in my career and future.


What do you like the most about working at Trelleborg? 
What I like most about working at Trelleborg is when the opportunity for advancement within the organization was available, this was a duly appreciated and welcoming experience. Since the beginning of my journey to current, my goal and focus is to reach the heart and minds of individuals by my actions that intel’s with hard work dreams can come true.

Give an example of a great memory, or moment, you have had at Trelleborg?
A great moment I have with Trelleborg is when I was offered the opportunity to partake in the 2021 TIS Talent Program with Trelleborg. Networking, connecting, and engaging with so many talented individuals from different divisions around the world is a wonderful learning experience. I am excited to see where this golden opportunity furthers my life.