Meet Our Group Human Resources Interns - Buki Smith and Johanna Navarro

Interns Johanna and Buki
We're thrilled to introduce our dynamic interns, Buki Smith and Johanna Navarro, currently contributing their skills and enthusiasm to Group Human Resources (Group HR).

Their internship journey with us is not just about mastering the intricacies of HR tasks, such as payroll; it's a testament to their pursuit of passion, resilience, and commitment to personal and professional development. In this series, we'll be checking in with Buki and Johanna once a month throughout their internship, delving into their insights on challenges, key takeaways, and surprising discoveries.


What inspired you to pursue a career in HR and payroll?
Buki: "My dream as a child was to be an accountant and work in a bank or a financial institution. I always loved working with business maths/numbers but I never had the chance to fulfill my goals because I moved to Sweden in the middle of my university studies and started a family, suspending my dream. This led me to become an auxiliary nurse as a quick way of assimilation and getting into the workforce in Sweden. After 12 years as an auxiliary nurse, I knew it wasn't for me anymore, so I decided to pursue my dream and I looked up courses available and found this course, Payroll business partner. And it has been a wonderful journey from day one.”

Johanna: "I have been working with HR administration for some time, but I wanted to have an education in HR. When I discovered the combined education with payroll, I thought – yes, this is for me for sure. I wanted my daughter to know it's never too late to educate yourself. You can become whatever you want; you just have to learn/dare to jump into it and just do it."


What are some of your interests outside of the professional realm?
Buki: “I spend a lot of time with my family and friends. I used to dance Zumba, and I plan to pick it up again soon; I love dancing.

Johanna: "I am all about family. I lost my big brother when I was just 16 years old, life is not forever. I want to do everything on my bucket list, have no regrets and just embrace life. I travel a lot with my family, my mother, brother, and daughter; we have been to a lot of beautiful places in the world. I also work at Systembolaget on weekends. I love food and wine and would call myself a foodie."

Why did you choose Trelleborg for your internship?
Buki: "I chose Trelleborg because of the diversity and inclusion. I did my research and found out the company cares about their employees, and they have beneficial incentives aimed at helping, encouraging, and educating, and are very keen on the development, well-being, and progress of employees. I see a great future of improvement in my personal and professional growth/career in this company. I did feel very welcomed right from my first contact with the company via LinkedIn, and the journey has been amazing.”

Johanna: "I have always heard about Trelleborg Group. The company has a very good reputation here in the south of Sweden and it was my first choice without a doubt, I really wanted to be here. My first meeting with Josefina in Human Resources and Zara in Payroll just confirmed my beliefs; here I can learn and grow and maybe have a place in the future. Trelleborg Group's rumor matches the reality. I have been so well treated and welcomed by all the staff here. They seem to be as happy as I am to be here, and that means everything to me. I am treated as an employee and not just an intern.”

If you could accomplish one significant thing during your internship, what would it be?
Buki: "To be a very good HR and payroll business partner and excel in my career. I want to be a good coworker, an important asset to the company, and if possible, secure a job opportunity. If this happened, my world would be perfect. It is very important because it's the foundation that will build up my role as a Payroll Business Partner.”

Johanna: "Knowledge development. I am here to learn and to grow; I want to take in all the information and learn as much as possible so I can pack that in my backpack and bring it with me to whatever office I end up at. Knowing that my education and internship have paid off, and maybe I can contribute something to Trelleborg Group so they remember me after I leave in May."

Join us in welcoming Johanna and Buki on this exciting journey of growth and achievement. Follow their monthly updates as they share insights, challenges, and surprising learnings, providing you with an exclusive peek into their internship experience at Trelleborg. Stay tuned for more from our talented interns!