Becca McClain

A Journey from Receptionist to Business Process Manager

Tell us about yourself. How long have you been with the company, and what positions have you held during your tenure?
Fresh out of high school, I joined Trelleborg for a two-week receptionist gig. Little did I know it would shape my career for the next 29 years. Starting as a temporary receptionist, I floated through various roles, from shipping to data entry to purchasing. This hands-on experience gave me a profound understanding of every aspect of the business. I worked in the manufacturing facility for 10 and eventually moved into the sales department. I have been able to witness Trelleborg's growth while I evolved my knowledge from Ground Zero to a comprehensive understanding of the business.


As an employee, what are your main responsibilities in your current role? How has your role evolved over the years?
After a decade, a shift occurred with the establishment of a new marketing center in Denver, Colorado. This change prompted my transition into a role where I became the voice bridging the gap between practical knowledge and IT implementations. Helping implement a new ERP system, I ensured it aligned with customer needs. This marked the beginning of my passion for process ownership. Today, I work to ensure new processes meet customer needs, collaborating across departments to streamline operations.
However, my path hasn't been without challenges. As the only woman on the management team, except for the finance assistant, proving my worth and seeking equal opportunities was initially daunting. Nevertheless, I persevered, wanting to be recognized for my capabilities rather than my gender. Today, my presence is not by chance—I am here for a reason. It's a testament to the fact that one can ascend from the very bottom without a college degree and be remarkably successful.
My ongoing ambition is to foster a deeper connection within the organization as Trelleborg continues to grow. Each achievement fuels my determination to reach new heights, advocating for collaboration and equal opportunities for all.


What has kept you motivated and engaged while working at Trelleborg for an extended period?
Starting as a shy, young receptionist, Trelleborg guided me, instilling confidence. While the career path wasn't what I expected, I embraced the learning opportunities. Interacting with various departments, understanding material needs, and prioritizing orders kept me engaged. The positive vibes within the manufacturing facility, the devotion of the teams, and the collaborative spirit fueled my satisfaction. Seeing the end result—happy customers—energizes me to keep going.
It's all about the customers and trying to improve.


What advice would you give to people at the beginning of their careers, based on your own professional journey?
Navigating the early stages of your career requires openness to change and the ability to articulate the big picture to garner support. Passion and motivation are pivotal; maintaining a positive attitude and a willingness to embrace growth are equally crucial. Don't hesitate to speak up for improvements, and build your own path, even if it takes time to hear or recognize your own voice. 

I believe persistence is key—never give up on your goals. Remember, you're not alone; there is ample support available. Approach both personal and professional aspects of your life with positivity, as it's the driving force behind both success and happiness.


Outside of work, how do you spend your free time?
Being a single parent for 13 years, I was on a mission to show that success with a full-time career can seamlessly coexist with parenthood. What truly warms my heart about Trelleborg is their unwavering support, especially during my extensive travels. With no external support, it became crucial to demonstrate to my boys that I could indeed strike a balance between my career and being a dedicated mom.

Recently, I ventured into a personal dream—raising three bottle-fed baby cows. Despite initial skepticism, I viewed it as yet another chance to demonstrate, much like in my career, that I could surpass expectations. This endeavor stands as proof of my resilience and the power to transform dreams into reality.