Enhanced comfort and safety on the road

Jounce Bumpers

A two-in-one solution

A unique and innovative continuous design replaces two parts - the jounced bumper and dust cover - with a single part, on which a clamping ring can also be integrated

Time Saving

Our main objective is to save you precious time in terms of logistics and assembly, compared with a conventional solution.

Our innovative design and manufacturing process allows us to rapidly adapt our Jounced Bumpers to ensure a perfect fit for your vehicle.


The innovative design, construction and materials used in each unit guarantee a better fit and greater resistance to wear.

Molded from an innovative material, copolyester-ether, our Jounce bumpers bind hard and soft polyester for greater flexibility, durability, and weather resistance.


Compared to the existing solution, we have chosen to use a recyclable material for the design of our product.