Trelleborg antisnaking
Anti-snaking Rack & Pinion Boots
Snaking is the phenomena of bending in a boot when the Rack & Pinion system is subjected to high pressure. This deformation creates holes in a boot in two ways: abrasion, caused by contact with...
Trelleborg retention force case
Retention force on trilobe TPE boot
Trelleborg’s trilobe retention boot is a masterpiece of engineering, bringing together a series of innovations that result in the most flexible, resistant, and durable product available on the market.
Trelleborg retention force boot
High angle outboard boots
Modern car designs involve many challenges for boots. As wheel bases become larger and drive chain layouts more diversified, it increases the need for a smaller turning radius, and steeper turning angle on wheels.
Boots for a worldwide market
Trelleborg’s unique infrastructure supports a worldwide market while ensuring every customer receives personalized service and a product that fits their market perfectly.
Trelleborg boots chinese lion
We believe in China
China has a long history and a splendid culture. However, with its tireless efforts toward innovation and modernization, China has the dual charm of tradition and internationalization.
Trelleborg Boots in Africa
Trelleborg attracted by Morocco’s major assets.
Trelleborg Boots in India
We decided to open our new Trelleborg Boots production unit in Bangalore, India, close to the promising and growing local automotive markets.
Trelleborg Boots in Japan
In 2023, Trelleborg starts operations in the city of Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, to produce automotive boots.
This is the Trelleborg Group's first plant in Japan.