Jounce Bumpers for shock absorption -

Enhanced comfort and safety on the road

Trelleborg jounce bumpers bring unparalleled shock absorption and comfort to car passengers all year round. Using a flexible design and manufacturing process that can integrate two parts into one single part, we can adapt jounced bumpers to be the perfect fit for your shock absorption needs.
Constructed from an innovative copolymer copolyester-ether material, Trelleborg jounced bumpers remain flexible at temperatures as low as -40°C, offering excellent protection against wear, fatigue and breaking.

For a safe, comfortable driving experience

Trelleborg jounced bumpers deliver the most comfortable ride all year round, with unparalleled strength, flexibility and shock absorption, even in extreme weather conditions. 

Jounce bumpers are attached to the car body and extend to the wheel.

Why Trelleborg jounce bumpers?

Our customized design and manufacturing process allows us to adapt our jounced bumpers to ensure the perfect fit for your vehicle. Because of its specific design, the Trelleborg jounced bumper brings maximum passenger comfort.

Molded from an innovative co-polyester-ether material, our jounce bumpers bind hard and soft polyesterether together for greater flexibility, durability, and weather resistance.
A unique, continuous design can replaces two parts - the jounced bumper and dust cover - with a single, integrated part made of durable polyester.

The highest performance, even at the lowest temperatures

Trelleborg’s jounced bumpers outlast the competition and deliver a comfortable, reliable ride in all weather conditions. The innovative design, manufacturing, and materials that go into every unit ensure a better fit, enhanced wear-resistance, and consistently high performance. Even at -40°C, the unique copolymer construction of our jounced bumpers resist fatigue and breakage.


Function Integration

Easy to assemble

Better comfort

with comfort improvement at start of bumper effect

Better durability

No bactery risk, no loss of comfort during time

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