Trelleborg Showcases Ultra Deep Water Solutions at Oceanology Internationals Virtual Exhibition

Triton sml
Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation will showcase its latest innovations in composite foam solutions at Oi Connect, Oceanology International’s Virtual exhibition from the 1st December to 4th December 2020.
The company will present a number of advancements across its buoyancy materials range, including its latest Residency Buoyancy material engineered for long-term Resident ROV (RROV) applications, and Eccofloat® TG11500 developed for Triton 36000/2 Full Ocean Depth (FOD) Submersible, a manned submersible vehicle used for The Five Deeps expedition including dives to full Ocean depth of 11500MSW.

Ian Penkethman, Sales Manager for Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation in Europe, states: “Our R&D team are working exceptionally hard to create new materials to meet our customers’ unique applications. Our new Residency Buoyancy materials provide a long-term solution for Resident ROV & AUV applications, as they are qualified for up to two years immersion at maximum operational depth.”

Delegates will have the opportunity to chat with Trelleborg experts about all the buoyancy materials available. 

Specifically engineered for RROV residency buoyancy applications, Residency Buoyancy syntactic foams withstand the constant hydrostatic conditions created by the challenge of residency applications. 

Eccofloat® composite foams provide high performance and ultra-low densities by using only the highest specification hollow glass microspheres. These are combined within a rigid, high-strength resin system, overcoming the issue of weight for deep sea exploration. 

About Oceanology International’s Oi Connect Virtual Exhibition

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