Trelleborg Presents Fire Suppression Floating Bead Technology

Trelleborg Presents Fire Suppression Floating Bead Technology

Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation will present a technical paper on composite floating beads at this year’s SAMPE Conference and Exhibition in Long Beach, in the U.S. The company will also showcase its comprehensive suite of premium epoxy tooling materials as well as adhesives, sealers and pastes.

Scheduled to speak on May 26 at 11am, Robert Kelly will discuss how engineered composite beads were developed and tested to effectively vapor suppress common hydrocarbon liquid fuels providing short and long term vapor suppression. These composite beads, called DryFoam™, are a passive fire protection system designed for both vapor and fire suppression. When deployed, DryFoam™ will intumesce, separating the oxygen from the fuel and smothers the fire.  

General Manager for Trelleborg applied technologies operation in Boston, Robert Kelly stated: “Trelleborg works hard to continuously innovate and produce solutions that provide performance at every level, meeting stringent customer and industry requirements. Our products are fully tested to give the optimal assurance that they will always perform under high pressure.

“As a result of Trelleborg’s core competencies and unique combination of global manufacturing capabilities and material science, the company has been chosen to provide material solutions for projects in many cutting edge areas, ranging from the deepest oceans to outer space.”

In addition to DryFoam™, Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation will showcase its complete range of premium epoxy tooling materials that offers customers a selection of low density and ultra-high temperature materials designed for the manufacture of precise and stable master models and molds.

Trelleborg manufactures its range of premium epoxy tooling materials using Eccospheres® made in-house at its factory in Boston, Massachusetts. These thin-walled, hollow glass microspheres are developed to meet demanding strength, weight and electrical specifications for materials used in the aerospace, electronics, and industrial markets. To the naked eye they resemble a fine, white, free-flowing powder; however magnification reveals them to be near perfect spheres. Eccospheres® help reduce costs, enhance specific properties and improve material processing.

The SAMPE Conference and Exhibition in Long Beach in the U.S. is the only event exclusively dedicated to advanced materials and processes.  It features a high-quality technical conference focusing on the latest technologies and research advancements concerning the advanced materials and processes community.

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