Trelleborg Partners with Nazdar to Promote Marathon Squeegees in the USA

Trelleborg Partners with Nazdar to Promote Marathon Squeegees in the USA

Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation has partnered with Nazdar SourceOne to promote its Unitex Marathon range of squeegees in the United States. As the leading supplier of screen and digital printing equipment, inks & supplies in the United States, Mexico & Central America, Nazdar SourceOne Distribution evaluated several types of squeegees to see how much they swell in ultraviolet (UV) ink systems. 

The Unitex Marathon squeegee performed extremely well during the evaluations, showing exceptional resistance to UV inks and monomers. The squeegee is now available in the US market and is ideal for textile and graphic screen printing applications.   

Dave Durbin, VP, Director Screen Products for Nazdar SourceOne, comments: “SourceOne is excited to bring the Marathon squeegee to our customer base. Marathon performed very well under extensive testing for squeegee swell with UV inks and also is a great fit for the textile industry.”

Improving modern printing processes

Unitex Marathon squeegees provide premium screen printing performance and quality at a competitive price. Manufactured from Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate (MDI) technology, they are designed to give superior resistance to degradation by commonly used UV and solvent based inks used in modern printing processes throughout the world.

Paul Habberfield, Sales Manager within Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation, states: “We have a long standing partnership with Nazdar and we are pleased that they will now be promoting our Unitex Marathon squeegee in the US. Extending our partnership with Nazdar is a testament to the durability and outstanding value of this squeegee. 

Huge amount of interest
“To help generate awareness in the US market, we recently exhibited at the Imprinted Sportswear Show in Long Beach 2016, where we had a huge amount of interest in Unitex Marathon for textile screen printing applications.”

Unitex Marathon squeegees are available in single durometer and triple durometer profiles in various Shore A hardness. Advantages of Trelleborg’s Unitex Marathon squeegees include precision printing edge, excellent abrasion resistance and that they perform very well in UV inks and solvents used in modern ink systems.

Habberfield concludes, “The compatibility with modern ink systems translates in to an overall cost saving for customers who prefer a squeegee that provides extended, predictable print runs with minimal set up times and one that is compatible with a wide range of inks and systems.”

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