Trelleborg is Awarded Rail Protection Contract for Light Rail Transit Line in Malaysia

Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation has been awarded a substantial contract by LLC Infra Sdn Bhd, to provide 1,786m of Vector Embedded Rail Track System for the Light Rail Transit Line (LRT3) in Malaysia.

Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation has been awarded a substantial contract by LLC Infra SdnBhd, to provide 1,786m of VectorEmbeddedRail Track System for the Light Rail Transit Line (LRT3) in Malaysia. 


The Vector rail system will be placed on specific areas of the 37-kilometer track in urban areas between Bandar Utama to Johan Setia, to mitigate vibration and stray current from the rail track, providing protection to people and buildings. 


Eugene Phee, Sales Manager at Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation in Singapore, states: “We are really proud to be able to support this key infrastructure development in Malaysia with the award of this contract. It’s exciting to be involved inprojects like this, that really benefit local communities.Thecontract award confirms our position within Malaysia as a key partner for the supply of rail solutions for critical projects.


The Vector embedded rail track system is manufactured from advanced microcellular polyurethane.The unique 3D polymer system ensures the systemis lightweight and easy to install, without the need for additional equipment or machinery. 


For the project, the Vector embedded rail track system will be manufactured in the UK and shipped directly to the onsite engineering teamAunique ‘Fast Fix’ installation methodology removes the need for additional chemicals to secure the material in place around the rail track, reducing the need for other specialist personnel and loweringthe impact on the local environment. 


The Vector embedded rail track system is based on a high performanceone-piece molded rail boot, fitted to the rail to provide ground borne vibration mitigation and stray current isolation. The Vector rail boot is an adjustable solution allowing for adaptions to the profile and material density, providing the optimal vibration attenuation for each project.


LRT3 is a 37-kilometerlight rail transit line, with the target of connecting more than two million people within the Western Corridor of Klang Valley, from Bandar Utama to Johan Setia, by 2024. Aiming to mobilize more than 18,000 passengers per hour, trains will operate at speeds of 80km/h in20 stations, with the light rail transit line running through both urban inner city and open countryside environments.