Delivering Above and Beyond for Midland Metro Alliance

Delivering Above and Beyond for Midland Metro Alliance

Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation was one of four key suppliers presented with the Above and Beyond Award during the Midland Metro Alliance suppliers day for the company’s efforts beyond the call of duty in the first phase of the tram line installation in Wolverhampton, England.

Graham Swallow, Sales Manager for Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation, states: “We are honored to receive recognition for suppling our Trelleborg Vector ™ rail encapsulation system and pre-coating of crossover rails and switches from our Retford and Scunthorpe facilities for a new railway junction close to the main Wolverhampton station.

“This project was particularly challenging as we were working together with our new customer to meet stringent delivery targets. In the beginning, we were unfamiliar with working with our new customer and they were unfamiliar with installing our solutions.  Very diligently we built good relationships and trust within the Alliance.

“Following a call from the onsite installation team, myself and colleagues from the Trelleborg facility in Scunthorpe put together a plan to provide hands on assistance. In challenging weather conditions and in unfamiliar surroundings, we empowered the customer to complete the scheduled work whilst building key working relationships for this and future projects.

 “We are looking forward to moving on to phase two of this project to provide embedded rail encapsulation and stray current protection solutions.”

Trelleborg’s Vector™ Embedded Rail System is based on high performance, one piece, molded, micro cellular foam polymer with no voids or cavities. The boot incorporates features to simplify jointing and installation as well as providing wheel overrun protection and skid resistance. The company’s Pre-Coated Rail System provides resilient rail support and electrical insulation for rail lengths, offering a solution that is particularly suited to rail renewal projects and new installations alike.

Midland Metro Alliance is transforming the West Midlands by delivering the best integrated transport system for the future. It is a consortium created to manage the upgrade and expansion of the light rail network in Wolverhampton, Birmingham and surrounding areas with growth scheduled through to 2026 by expanding the tram network by approximately 34km to enable social and economic regeneration across the region.

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