Trelleborg develops high-temperature engine mounts - Trelleborg IAVS

Trelleborg develops high-temperature engine mounts for Arriva Trains Wales Coradia Class 175 DMUs

Trelleborg Industrial AVS has developed a high-temperature version of its well-known Metalastik® Metacone™ mountings, as well as Vee mounts and buffer springs to withstand the extreme heat conditions experienced in locomotive engine compartments. These have been supplied for use in the Alstom's Coradia Class 175 operated by Arriva Trains Wales (ATW).
Available in a wide range of sizes, Metalastik® Metacone™ is suitable for loadings from 200-1500 kg per unit. The Vee mount provides exceptional vibration and noise isolation in a compact space envelope. It is ideally suited for suspending engines at the vehicle sole bars in under-floor installations. The mounts offer proven long service life, low creep and high loading for a given size. 
Rod Holroyd, Rail Global Market Manager for Trelleborg Industrial AVS, commented: “This is a demanding duty and we are very pleased that the Metalastik® products operating at high temperatures continue to provide reliable trouble-free service. Our engineers have always worked very closely with the customer to find solutions that provide excellent isolation within the specific parameters of the vehicle's technical requirements, operating conditions and maintenance schedules." 
There are 27 Alstom  Coradia Class 175 DMUs in the Arriva Trains Wales fleet, configured into 11 two-car and 16 three-car formations.  First introduced in June 2000, they now operate from Wales into the north-west of England. The fleet is maintained by Alstom and refurbishment of the mounting system is part of the engine's regular service programme. The overhaul of the engine raft has been sub-contracted to LH Group of Barton under Needwood.