Trelleborg debuts enhanced Marine antivibration capabilities

Trelleborg debuts enhanced Marine antivibration capabilities

Visitors to the 2017 Europort exhibition will be the first to experience the enhanced capabilities of Trelleborg Antivibration Solutions for the marine industry.
Europort, held in Rotterdam from 7-10 November, is an internationally renowned maritime technology show and provides Trelleborg with an ideal platform to showcase its integrated solutions. 

Max Billinger, Business Unit President of Trelleborg’s Antivibration Solutions operation, commented: “Visitors to Europort will be the first to experience our specialist range of anti-vibration products which have been engineered for the specific and rigorous demands of the marine sector. Our integrated ranges now cover a broader range of applications than ever before, and as well as displaying products, our marine experts will be on hand to discuss visitors’ individual challenges.”
Trelleborg designs and develops solutions that minimize noise and dampen vibration and shock, mainly for onboard ship systems. Among those innovations on display at Europort will be LEXSYS®-modular, a lightweight exhaust line system unique to Trelleborg. Designed for combustion engines, gensets and other industrial applications, LEXSYS®-modular delivers attractive cost reductions to asset owners and shipyards by reducing weight compared with traditionally heavy and cumbersome pipelines. With a stainless steel construction which is pre-insulated with impregnated mineral wool, weight is reduced by between 50-75% over conventional solutions.

Also on display will be Dredgair™, an air-based spring solution which offers maximum shock and vibration protection to crews, ships and on-board systems. Controlled by an advanced pneumatic system which automatically monitors and adjusts internal air pressure, Dredgair™ successfully provides isolation against ultra-low frequency vibration – below 9Hz – which cannot be attenuated with rubber solutions.

Expansion joints – both rubber and stainless steel – will be a focus on Trelleborg’s stand. As temperature fluctuations, vibration and other external forces cause movement and stress within pipelines, a solution is needed to counteract these damaging conditions – particularly when systems are exposed to chemicals and extremes of pressure. Trelleborg’s enhanced range now includes stainless steel expansion joints as well as rubber, meaning its comprehensive range offers an option for every application – regardless of operating conditions and size required.

Trelleborg’s Marine Center in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, is home to shock and vibration analysis; advanced calculation and simulation technology; and research & development programs, and has been responsible for the introduction of many innovative marine solutions for applications within shipbuilding, offshore and dredging.

Trelleborg Antivibration Solutions will exhibit and display a complete offering including solutions coming from the 2016 Loggers Rubbertechniek acquisition. For more information visit or email