New App Uses Dual Technology to Meet Industrial Vibration Challenge

New App Uses Dual Technology to Meet Industrial Vibration Challenge

Trelleborg’s industrial anti-vibration solutions operation has introduced a next generation MountFinder app that combines vibration analyzer and mount selection technology, making it even easier for users to identify the correct anti-vibration device for their needs.

By leveraging the smartphone’s integral acceleration measurement capabilities, the company has enhanced its existing app to create the new MountFinder Pro, enabling equipment manufacturers to directly measure vibration levels with their phone. It turns the phone into an intelligent tool to ascertain the best isolation performance possible.

Mat Easthope, Product Engineering Director for Trelleborg’s industrial anti-vibration solutions operation, says: “This means that user’s need now only input very minimal information to retrieve a ranking of the most effective anti-vibration solutions on the market.

“Some apps rely on being fed the vibration frequency. Now the user simply needs to have the number of mounts and the mass of the equipment to-hand. The app can then give details of the vibration that needs to be isolated as well as highlighting the most effective components to meet the ongoing noise and performance, as well as, health and safety challenges that vibration presents in industrial environments.”

Compatible with Android and Apple devices the app calls on the smartphone’s in-built accelerometers to identify the speed of vibration; then searches Trelleborg's extensive anti-vibration product portfolio. The results are presented back in order of percentage predicted isolation. Customers can browse technical data, view the products in 2D and 3D, e-mail search results and contact Trelleborg directly for a quote.

To download the new MountFinder Pro app, visit the iTunes or google play store.