Trelleborg AVS holds successful Distributor Open Day

Trelleborg AVS holds successful Distributor Open Day

More than 40 key partners joined us in Velten, Germany, recently for our first ever Distributor Open Day.

Including 27 distributors and 13 Trelleborg sales members, guests were welcomed by Joern Clasen, AVS Rail Centre Director, and Werner Zimmermann, Global Sales Director, AVS Rail Centre. Alongside distinctive learning zones and facility tours, the day included a lunchtime BBQ and an exclusive evening dinner river cruise in Berlin, providing a fantastic opportunity for networking.

“We’re absolutely delighted with the success of our first distributor open day,” said Werner Zimmerman, Global Sales Director. “Our distributors are integral to Trelleborg’s success and this was the perfect opportunity for them to recognise their importance to the Group, network with other distributors and members of our team, as well as find out more about our company and products.”

Split into five zones, each chaired by members of the Trelleborg team, guests were able to discover more about distinctive topics throughout the event, including:

Secondary suspension: With a focus on passenger comfort, Lukas Pfister and Dominik Zander discussed air spring systems, hour glass and half hour glass springs, in addition to the Never Felt Better campaign.

Primary suspension: Focusing on chevron springs, meta cones, spring discs and vertical buffers, guests gained insights from Ralf Kubetschek.

Axle guiding: Presented by Oezlem Arslan and Detlef Cordts, guests learned more about axle guide bearings as well as conventional and hydraulic lateral buffers.

Drive components: Lukas Pfister and Joerg Spreckels discussed wedged mounts, spherical bearings and bushes.

Polymer technology: Presented by Ralf Kubetschek and Rod Holroyd and themed around fire and ice, this zone considered fire retardant products for the rail industry as well as the need for products to function effectively in very low temperatures.

In addition to the learning zones, guests were also able to gain further insight from the team of on-site technical engineers who undertook facility tours, passing on their knowledge and expertise to small groups as they explored the facility.

Following the two-day event, Arnt Oksnes, Oksnes Services and Motordeler AS, said: “Thank you all for an enjoyable and informative distributor event. Your hospitality, professional way of informing about your company policy, and presentation of the products, both theoretical and on the production side, made for a wonderful environment and very insightful two days.”