Trelleborg products lowers costs for concrete mixer - Trelleborg IAVS

Trelleborg anti-vibration lowers whole-life costs for high-altitude concrete mixer
An RAEM engine mount specially developed by Trelleborg Industrial AVS for the Carmix One 4x4 self-loading concrete mixer not only keeps noise and vibration to a minimum but also provides outstanding protection for the machine, with consequent benefit for whole-life costs.
The key feature of the mounts developed by Trelleborg is their rubber compound that is designed to provide exceptional levels of isolation for one, two and three-cylinder engines. The Carmix One is powered by a three-cylinder Perkins 403D water-cooled turbo diesel mounted on four RAEM60 units. 

A normally aspirated diesel engine will not function as efficiently at heights over 3,000 metres, for example in the Andes, where many Carmix concrete mixers operate. Consequently, the combination of Perkins turbo diesel with Trelleborg's high performance resilient mounting is vital to the success of the vehicle and its reliable operation in some of the world's most rugged environments.

Marco Donato, Key Account Manager Trelleborg Industrial AVS, commented: “We are very proud to have developed a solution for Carmix, which will help them to deliver the very high standards of robust performance and longevity that their customers have come to expect.  We believe that there is no product comparable to the RAEM compound on the market in terms of performance.”

RAEM is one of a comprehensive range of high performance anti-vibration mountings manufactured by Trelleborg Industrial AVS for machines with rotating movements, including compressors, AC units, fans, generators, large milling machinery, refiners and defibrillators, as well as off-road vehicles and plant.  The mount is suitable for both light and heavy machines and its extra soft rubber compound gives isolation of 85% to 90% at normal speeds of 1500 rpm, whilst also providing good isolation at lower frequencies.

Trelleborg’s RAEM mounts are corrosion-protected to provide good environmental protection and features an integral fail-safe resilient stop.  Available in a range of sizes from 10 to 3,400 kilogram capacity, they will accommodate occasional shock loads. 
Carmix is a trademark of Metalgalante Srl of Noventa di Piave, Italy. The Carmix One is part of a range of robust, reliable 4x4 self-loading concrete mixers with capacities up to 7,600 litres. It has a drum capacity of 1400 litres, concrete output of 1m3 per batch, articulated chassis and hydrostatic transmission. The engine is a Perkins 403D -15T water-cooled 3 cylinder turbo diesel, developing 39 HP.