Hydrogen road trip teaser
Join Axel & Matthias in exploring challenges and opportunities for hydrogen applications in their road trip.
Why hydrogen? #FCEV 
No renewable energy should be wasted, let´s use it to create green hydrogen.
Let´s understand it! #FCEV 
Understand the sub-systems within a FCEV and the role they play.
Battery booster #FCEV
How high voltage batteries support hydrogen driving and improve overall efficiency.
The right temperature #FCEV 
Understand why and how thermal management is important for the efficiency of the FCEV.
Nothing is eternal #FCEV 
Sealing components, optimized to hydrogen systems are critical in extending FCEV lifetime. 
The need for freeze #FCEV 
Understand the refueling process and the opportunities and challenges this offers. 
Exploding seals #FCEV
Why it is important to select seals that perform under extremely high pressures.