Extend Service Life in Pumps and Compressors with HiMod® Advanced Composite Bearings

A new manual provides detailed design information and engineering recommendations to streamline the specification of HiMod® ACB and HiMod® ACB+.

HiMod® Advanced Composite Bearings (HiMod® ACB) are a high-performance solution for bearing, wear ring, bushing and thrust washer applications manufactured using proprietary and patented Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) technology.

AFP produces structures that are lighter, stronger and longer lasting than alternative products, giving low friction and maintenance-free performance. The manual contains information on HiMod® ACB, with over two decades of successful application in the market, and the new HiMod® ACB+ — featuring a unique PEEK lining for the next generation of performance.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions provides technical expertise and offers a full range of solutions for pumps and compressors, from bearings and wear rings to seals and gaskets. Read the manual to find out how HiMod® ACB and HiMod® ACB+ can be incorporated into your system, or contact your local Customer Solution Center for technical assistance and ordering.

Inside the manual:

  • Detailed engineering information on HiMod® ACB and HiMod® ACB+, the latest development in low-friction bearing technology
  • Everything needed for creating successful designs that include HiMod® ACB — a full range of technical details, from material properties to product design
  • Performance characteristics and comparisons with other solutions around the world to show you how HiMod® ACB can improve service life for your application

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