Zurcon® Glyd Ring® D - Reliable Sealing in High-pressure Hydraulic Applications

Zurcon® Glyd Ring® D in Z13 from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is featured in this video. An innovative seal design from a completely new material for hydraulic sealing applications subject to increasingly higher pressures. Machines, equipment and motors fitted with hydraulic cylinders are becoming more powerful, and that means the hydraulics are subject to higher pressures and temperatures. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has responded by creating a unique seal in a material specially engineered for it: the Zurcon® Glyd Ring® D.Manufactured from Zurcon® Z13 polyurethane material, the Glyd Ring® D in Zurcon® Z13 offers an excellent combination of wear, extrusion and hydrolysis resistance, giving unrivalled durability.With its innovative profile, Glyd Ring® D is able to operate at high pressure without any risk of blow-by effect.