Enerji Piyasası için Valf Gövdesi Sızdırmazlık Çözümlerini Keşfedin

Yeni katalog, valf gövdesi uygulamalarının aşırı basınç ve sıcaklıklarıyla başa çıkmak için geliştirilen iki ürün olan Turcon® Variseal® MC ve Variseal® V-Stack Kitlerini kapsıyor.

Exploring more challenging oil fields means operating in increasingly harsh conditions. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of innovative solutions to withstand the hostile operating environments encountered.

This catalog provides a detailed overview of design considerations, installation recommendations and material selections to make specification and ordering simple for leading valve stem solutions:

  • Turcon® Variseal® MC is a single-acting, spring-energized primary seal to be used as a single seal within valve stems. Its unique one-piece design is an alternative to conventional technologies, such as V-Stack type products and other valve stem packings.
  • Turcon® Variseal® V-Stack Kits are commonly used in Oil & Gas valve stem applications, where they provide a single-acting, high integrity sealing solution for higher pressures and temperatures over a long service life.

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