Sealing profiles to sustain long term quality for trucks

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Door seal

A major challenge regarding a door seal is to ensure that it remains in place between the vehicle's body and the door through all conditions.

A car in action is constantly generating pressure, which makes it vital to choose quality that can withstand different circumstances.

Fuel tank straps

We offer a variety of innovative solutions for fuel tank straps. Our dampening products isolate vibration and noise during vehicle operation.

Our field-proven polymers and design expertise can provide you with the best damping solutions.


Trelleborgs polymers and engineering expertise can provide you with the best static seals for dashboards and windscreens where the focus is on controlling the vibration.

Hood seals

We will work with you to develop a customized hood seal to meet the requirements of the industry.

We make sure that our solutions secure airtightness around the year and provides the right resistance.  

Lamp body seals

Finding the right lampbody seal for your application requires material expertise, application knowledge, and dependable partner.

We guarantee that our extensive knowledge for polymer solutions will help you in the process of finding the right sealing profile for you truck.

Seals for commercial vehicles

Automotive - Water splashing from hose

Hose & tube solutions

Dampers from Trelleborg Seals & Profiles

Solutions that dampens


Seals to cover and protect

Molded Products
Molded products & services
Did you know?
75 % of Toyota vehicles made in North America use our fuel tank cushions.

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Mike Shutack - Trelleborg

Mike Shutack

Sales Director Americas
Tel: +1 330 995 9725
Ota Vasak

Ota Vasak

Sales Manager Automotive EMEA
Tel: +420 603 46 41 41
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