Large seaport uses Trelleborg seals

Trelleborg - Case Study -Large seaport uses Trelleborg seals
50 Km of stormwater & 9 Km of wastewater pipes


The historical Silk Route is undergoing a revival and the government of Turkmenistan wanted to construct a new harbor in the Caspian Sea. The port was to become a true “sea gate”, linking Central Asia to Europe.

To stress its geopolitical importance Türkmenbaşı Seaport had to become the biggest seaport in the region. Used to export oil products, liquefied gas and textiles, it boosts the transport of import and export cargo. The project also involved the construction of a passenger terminal and a state-of-the-art shipyard.

With a surface of 1.2 million m2 and a connection to open water, the Seaport needed 9 km of wastewater pipes and 50 km of stormwater pipeline. Plus, the seals to go with it!

Ahmet Gökdemir, Procurement Chief at GAP Insaat, Turkey, says:

“The main challenge for the supplier was to be able to provide a product capable of fitting three different types of corrugated pipes and therefore three different sizes of ribs. Trelleborg was not only selected for the unparalleled longevity of its solution, but also for the outstanding performance it delivered during testing. The excellent services they provided on installation training helped to ensure the smooth running of the project”

Our activities

Trelleborg Pipe Seals developed adapters for the corrugated pipes of three different manufacturers. Specially engineered for Türkmenbaşı Seaport, these adapters smoothen the surface of the corrugated pipes and, in combination with Trelleborg's Kor-N-Seal connector, ensure a watertight seal between pipe and manhole. Highly adaptable solutions, with a long-term watertight seal warranty.

The $2 billion International seaport needed thousands of seals and Trelleborg was the only supplier able to provide tailor-made seals to this volume. This project constituted the largest single order for Trelleborg Pipes Seals ever.


Product details

The Kor-N-Seal® I 106/406 Series comes with a patented Waveband technology. By concentrating the compressive force of the expansion band and capturing the rubber between the band and the concrete, the connector creates a seal that is 100% watertight. Its long-term performance makes it a perfect example of Trelleborg’s watertight solutions that last.

Thanks to the unique design, Trelleborg’s pipe adaptor provides an excellent sealing surface on corrugated HDPE pipes.