A Trelleborg se torna o maior fornecedor global de vedações para janelas de aeronaves

Aricraft Window Trelleborg
A Trelleborg Sealing Solutions se torna a maior fornecedora global de vedações para janelas de aeronaves ao expandir suas capacidades aeroespaciais com a finalização da aquisição de uma importante instalação em Seattle, Washington, EUA.

The acquired facility manufactures O-Rings, gaskets & molded parts, primarily for the aerospace industry, including window seals for the major original equipment manufacturers.

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In June, Trelleborg completed its acquisition of 4M Company Inc., a specialist in sealing solutions for aerospace and industrial applications. The acquired company is now known as Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and is located in Tukwilla, Washington, US. The bolt-on acquisition is part of Trelleborg’s strategy to strengthen its positions in attractive industries. The facility previously had annual sales of around 8.2 million USD/7.4 million EUR.

Growing capacity and capabilities in an expanding market

Richard Furlong, Director Global Operations Airframe Seals, says: “This acquisition makes us the largest supplier of Aircraft window sealing solutions globally.

“The facility complements and enlarges our capacity in the growing aerospace sealing market, which is expected to maintain strong demand. It expands our worldwide portfolio of materials and approvals and furthers our penetration into the US aerospace market, enhancing our manufacturing capacity and simplifying supply chains in the Americas.”

A wide range of capabilities and applications expertise

Trelleborg provides seals for numerous aerospace applications including flight controls, actuation, landing gear, wheels, brakes, fueling, engines, interiors, safety systems and airframes, as well terminal equipment. The facility has around 35,000 square feet/3,250 square meters of space and 60 employees.

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