Webinar: Introducing APIs to Silicone and Controlling Elution Rates

Introducing APIs to Silicone and Controlling Elution Rates|Trelleborg Healthcare and Medical
On June 29 and 30, Trelleborg experts will host a webinar giving participants insight into the manufacturing methods to formulate API-eluting devices and implantable drug delivery systems.

Following the release of a new whitepaper, Introducing APIs to Silicone and Controlling Elution Rates, Trelleborg combination product experts will be hosting a webinar on the topic on June 29 at 5 pm Central European Summer Time (CEST) / 11 am Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) / 8 am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) and June 30 at 7 pm CEST / 1 pm EDT / 10 am PDT.


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The webinar includes detail on patient impact, use cases and the market outlook for these therapeutics. It also provides an overview on how drugs can be applied to silicone structures and a review of specific case studies detailing experiments our team has executed, including learnings that should inspire confidence in the development of these therapeutic forms.


Key Takeaways:


  • Advantages these therapeutic forms offer
  • Details on excipient materials and manufacturing processes used
  • An overview of formulation methods
  • Key considerations in alternative methods for manufacturing


Webinar Presenter:

Zach Fletcher
Business Development Manager for Drug/Biologic-Eluting Devices


With a curiosity and passion for emerging technologies, Zach works to build partnerships with people and organizations interested in delivering targeted therapies in novel ways. Having previously spent seven years in prototype manufacturing, he is very familiar with the journey product developers face. At Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical, he is backed by an experienced team eager to solve our partners’ complex challenges by applying our expertise in drug delivery via silicone and polymer technologies.


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