ST-Seal, an effective combination

ST-Seal, an effective combination

Trelleborg has combined two materials into one single high-performance product for the sealing of thresholds and wall joints in timber construction: the ST Seal. The seal consists of a polyethylene (PE) foil with two EPDM hoses — materials mainly used on construction sites in the assembly of prefabricated wall elements and which ensure reliable protection against moisture and other environmental influences in the connection areas.

The manufacturing of wall and ceiling elements is no longer just a topic of the prefabricated house industry. With increasing demand for low-cost housing, modular construction is increasingly in the focus when it comes to the construction of multi-storey residential buildings. In this context, the production of wall elements made of wood offers numerous advantages — but also challenges. In particular, thresholds and wall joints can form weak points if they are not sealed appropriately.

A Solution against Moisture & Irregularities

Trelleborg has therefore developed the ST Seal, a product designed specifically for the shaping of thresholds and wall joints. Used directly on the construction site during the assembly of wall elements, the ST Seal protects the construction reliably against moisture, wind, cold, heat and noise.

The seal consists of a vapor-tight PE foil with a thickness of approx. 200 μ and two hoses made of EPDM cellular rubber. The hoses are closed-cell, coated and have a diameter of ten or 20 millimeters. A broad, airtight space with a stable and insulating air layer is formed within the seal.

Thanks to the materials used, the seal is resilient and has a high resistance to aging. The main application area of the sealing profile is the sealing of base points. The seal is inserted between the foundation and the wall element with the PE foil on top and the hoses below. The seal is thus able to reliably protect against the penetration of moisture and compensate for unevenness.

Another area of application is wall joints. In this case, the profile seals the vertical area between two successive wall elements.

The PE foil itself is available in widths ranging from 60 to 500 millimeters and can be used for both exterior and interior wall elements in different thicknesses. The overlapping of plastic floor coverings and the connection to moisture barriers are also possible without problems.

Individual hose applications and customized products are available on request.

The seal is approved by MPA Braunschweig, the materials testing institute for the construction industry.

Perfil ST en la sección de una pared

The Trelleborg ST Seal consists of a polyethylene (PE) foil and two hoses. It is primarily used in the area between the foundation and wall elements of a timber construction

The Trelleborg ST Seal makes the sealing of the vertical area between two wall elements possible