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Healthcare is everyone’s concern, since we all get into contact with it sooner or later in life. And with population growth and aging communities, there are many challenges ahead. Organizations and businesses that work within the medical field have to find solutions to pressing issues, from healthcare mobility to advanced drug delivery systems. Trelleborg can help you meet the unique challenges of the Healthcare & Medical industry with durable and credible solutions. Read more to find out how you can do it. 

Solutions for your business

Increase efficiency and improve overall healthcare at the same time. With innovative solutions from Trelleborg it is possible to have both. 

Medical Device Manufacturer

As you confront the demands of population growth and aging communities, Trelleborg helps you find solutions to pressing issues, from healthcare mobility to pressure injury prevention to advanced drug delivery systems. 


Get unrivaled product development to optimize solutions for your healthcare & medical challenges. Backed by the expertise of our worldwide engineering and manufacturing network, we are there to support you. 

Acute care

You can rely on Trelleborg’s innovative solutions for healthcare and medical equipment to improve safety and for improved effectiveness of treatments and care of patients. One example is the support surface fabric from Dartex, used in hospital best to prevent pressure injuries. 

Community care and long-term care

With the increase in patients with long-term conditions, such as diabetes, efficient home care has become increasingly important. The latest mobile medical devices, supported by Trelleborg solutions, can improve the lifestyle of many patients. 

Trelleborg as your partner

Medical device design starts with an idea on how treatment for patients could be improved. We partner with customers every step of the way to realize those ideas. You can trust our expertise and let us help you turn challenges into new opportunities.

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Quality in every detail

You need high-quality products that you can trust and that meet all industry standards. With an excellent manufacturing policy, Trelleborg provides durable and rigorously tested solutions that you can count on, every day.
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Technical competence

Providing the right solution for an application can be challenging. With Trelleborg as your partner, you will get shoulder-to-shoulder engineering with the aim to design, manufacture and supply the products you need. Our support is rooted in genuine expertise and experience. 
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Consistent and complete supply/customer service

To get the latest technology when you need it, you want a global company with a strong local presence. Trelleborg offers you the support you need, when you need it, including high-quality information such as in-depth white papers. 

Medical Technology & Equipment

Hoses, inhalers, insulin administrators.


Bio reactors, filling equipment and mixers.

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