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Safe in the air

In this age of globalization, demand for air travel continues to rise. Trelleborg is constantly working on solutions that help to make air travel safer and more efficient.

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Seals operate at extreme temperatures, be it engine heat or the frigid air at high altitude.


Airframe seals are used within the engine compartment but also throughout the aircraft body, as doors and hatches, where they boost aero-dynamic efficiency.

Flight controls

Flight controls are the most demanding of all aircraft hydraulic actuation systems and require dynamic sealing systems.

Ground support equipment

Safety standards mean aircraft refueling hoses are lightweight, vacuum and abrasion resistant, with a fire-resistant cover.

Landing gear

Dual contact seals help extend the operating and service life of landing gear on nearly all aircraft.

Entering and exiting the plane

Specially-developed tires help people embark and disembark planes as quickly as possible with the utmost stability.

Evacuation Slide

Sophisticated coated material is used for aircraft evacuation slides. They enable the evacuation of 60 to 70 passengers per minute per lane.

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