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Let the sun shine in

Much of our energy consumption, directly or indirectly, depends on the sun. With solar energy’s share of the energy mix becoming larger every year, the renewable energy portion of the total energy mix continues to grow.

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Orkot bearings are used in many hydropower applications, including lock gates, wicket gates and spillway gates. 

Solar power

Sealing profiles, designed to suit a building’s architecture, keep glass solar panels in position and prevent heat loss or rain from coming in. 

Wind power

Spherilastik bearings work by allowing a wind turbine’s rotor blades to tilt on their hub, counteracting the see-saw motion caused by gusts of wind. 

Wind Power

Cushyfloat mounts reduce vibration amplitude, lower structure-borne noise and improve equipment life.

Wind power

Distributed Buoyancy Modules (DBMs) are used to protect the subsea electrical power cables that interconnect between turbines.

Wave energy

Trelleborg’s polymer membrane technology is used in wave energy submerged pressure differential devices to ensure the protection of internal components from external water pressure.

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