Trelleborg advances to the highest level for reporting climate data

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Since 2007, Trelleborg has participated in the CDP’s (formerly referred to as the Carbon Disclosure Project) voluntary reporting of greenhouse gas emissions. 
This involves reporting relevant key figures and data, measures to prevent adverse climate impacts, and products, solutions and initiatives to improve society in this respect.

In the Annual CDP Report for 2019 on climate issues, Trelleborg received a score of A- (2018: B), which means the Group has advanced and demonstrates the highest level, Leadership, of how environmental concerns are inter-related with operations. This is higher than Europe’s regional average. A company’s path towards a high level of environmental protection/administration is described by CDP using a process in four scoring levels that begin with Level D (Transparency), continues with C (Awareness), followed by B (Governance), and finally A (Leadership). Water issues were also reported for the second time, and here Trelleborg received a score of B- (B-).