Sustainability in prize-winning canteen

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Denmark team winning prize-winning canteen
Sustainability is a common thread for the prize-winning canteen at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Denmark.
 Recently, it was awarded the prize of the best canteen in Denmark for 2019. The team who runs the canteen has had a strong focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which they use in day-to-day work and that demonstrate how significant results can be achieved by working together.

"We have made visible the 17 UN Sustainable development goals, and by doing so we want to inspire through our concept, that is affecting all the goals in various degrees," says Malte Sejer Sørensen who heads the canteen. "We want to translate the goals into daily behavior and show how we united can make a difference, and to create an internal corporate awareness and inspire how to get this mindset into your daily routines."