Sara Milesson Named WeQual Award Finalist in People Category

Sara Milesson
We are honored to announce that Sara Milesson has been named as a finalist in the People Category for the WeQual Awards Europe 2023.

WeQual identifies and supports world-class executive women one level below Global Executive Committees. The WeQual Awards tackle the slow progress of appointing women to Group Executive Committee roles, they highlight and celebrate women across the globe who are ready to break through the glass ceiling. Their mission is to achieve gender parity at the top of the world’s largest companies.


Potential candidates identified by WeQual researchers are encouraged to apply and complete a comprehensive questionnaire designed to shine a light on the core skills required for effective leadership. After submitting her initial questions, Sara was identified as a finalist and was interviewed virtually by a global CEO as well as several other senior managers within Trelleborg.


Sara joined Trelleborg in August of 2019 as the Vice President of Human Resources for the Trelleborg Industrial Solutions business area. In her mind, the HR role should truly contribute to the development of the core business by enabling business managers to thrive in their roles. 


“There is no point in creating a People Strategy for the sake of HR. The only way to get real traction in an organization is to align the strategic HR work with the overarching Business Strategy – thus ensuring that our People Leaders can focus on what they do best, without losing focus on the continuous development of our employees,” Sara says. 
Trelleborg believes in offering employees opportunities to become engaged, learn and grow to advance in their careers. Greater gender equality and more female managers are an integrated part of work with diversity and inclusion.


To find out more about how Trelleborg views diversity and inclusion as a strength, visit Operations